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        Automatic spraying machine

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        Product name: Automatic spraying machine

        Model: RH600A, RH600B, RH600X

        application industry:

        Aluminum veneer, aluminum ceiling, wood products, kitchen cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, wooden doors, hardware, toys automatic continuous spraying operation.

        Technical parameters:

        Appearance size: 4.6 * 2.2 *2.62m

        Maximum power: 4.5kw

        Processing width: 50-600mm

        Spray gun quantity: 4-8

        Processing thickness: 1-80mm

        Spray gun diameter: 0.45-1.3mm

        Processing length: >80mm

        Paint consumption: 40-120g/ m2

        Conveying speed: 0-6m/ 

        min air pressure: 0.6MPa

        Air flow:1500L/ min

        Power model: AC380V/50Hz, AC220V/60Hz, AC440V/60Hz,

        Paint type: PU,UV,NC,Water base by auto spraying

        Machine weight: 1.8T

        Standard configuration:

        1. Human machine interface touch mode display screen: adjust the fault display, operation speed, forward speed, correct parameters, and display the working status;

        2. The conveying adopts double conveying structure, reverse tight side structure, with pneumatic automatic deviation rectifying device;

        3. Exhaust fan frequency conversion to adjust the air output;

        4. The light scanning detection system at the feeding end can automatically identify the geometric profile of the workpiece;

        5. Coil diameter measurement system, feedback coil diameter, used for conveying synchronization to control spraying position;

        6. Each group of spray guns is equipped with independent adjustable air pressure and adjustable display table, with adjustable auxiliary air pressure and atomization pressure;

        7. It is equipped with primary paint mist processor as standard and adopts market conventional filter element, with low cost and easy replacement;

        8. The standard airless coating system adopts European mainstream brands, and the air coating system is domestic or mixed.

        Product features:

        1. Independent research and development based on the German CoDeSys automation technology platform;

        2. The first automatic spray paint machine without cleaning system inChina;

        3. No cleaning can effectively reduce labor intensity and protect the health of operators;

        4. The first 600 type reciprocating automatic paint spraying machine inChina, this machine is a national patented technology product;

        5. Adopt the structure design of European automatic paint spraying machine;

        6. Optical measuring system, which is used to scan the outline size and position of spraying workpiece to control effective spraying and save coating to the greatest extent.

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